Deborah Gibson Poses Nude, Talks to FOX

If you have not seen much of Deborah Gibson (search) lately, things are about to change. Gibson sat down with FOX News' Martha MacCallum Tuesday afternoon to talk about her revealing "Playboy" photo shoot. The following is an edited transcript:

MacCallum: Well, Deborah Gibson is leaving her squeaky clean image behind. She says she did that a long time ago, though. She's posing for "Playboy"'s sex and music issue. That's Paris Hilton on the cover. We are going to see a whole lot more of Deborah in the March issue. She has a new single titled "Naked."

Was "Naked" before or after?

Gibson: The song came first. I had been working on revamping the song. Just kind of the theme of the song and the theme in the shoot. I should say my reason for wanting to do the shoot is the same. It's kind of like putting yourself out there and saying, 'You know what? You can all think what you want. This is who I am.' The story is about being in a relationship and being vulnerable to another person. This is me open and vulnerable to the cynical people in the world.

MacCallum: You're open and vulnerable to a lot of cover-up here, according to our graphics department.

Gibson: It's funny that the ribbon is covering the picture. I shouldn't have said that. I might have sold more magazines.

MacCallum: You are now Deborah -- but were Debbie Gibson. This is like, we don't think of you --

Gibson: I thought about the last couple of girls who did the cover, who did the featured layouts, like Teri Polo and Denise Richards, and we're the same thing. Nobody flinches when they do it. There's a double standard there because people -- that's the thing I decided. I was like, if people have an issue with it, then they need to get over it.

MacCallum: A fan base that grew up with you needs to realize that you are 30-something.

Gibson: My fans aren't teens anymore. I haven't been in a teenager in so long it sounds silly that I was a teenager.

MacCallum: A casting call called your agent --

Gibson: ... didn't know that Debbie Gibson was an adult. I have been an adult for 15 years.

MacCallum: This is part of what this does, it says, hey, stop thinking of me as the little girl. I'm -- look at me.

Gibson: I think more than that for me, it shows that I have a playful side and a spirited side. In my theater roles, in "Cabaret," I was walking down the road scantily clad. I was turning myself inside and out every night in front of that audience. I have a fearlessness of what I do in my work. I don't think people think of me that way.

MacCallum: And the family is OK with this?

Gibson: My dad is not. It would be creepy if he was. My aunt called me the other day saying, I am walking with my first issue of "Playboy." It's weird but, great buns.

MacCallum: Have you been to the mansion?

Gibson: I have been there three times. I have been there for their movie nights. I played piano and sang in front of his guests.

MacCallum: You look great in "Playboy." Deborah Gibson, thank you for the continued success.

Gibson: Thank you.