Will Smith Gives Dating Advice

Fresh from the No. 1 debut of his first romantic comedy, "Hitch," (search) Will Smith has a little advice for that all-important first date.

"Competence is first and foremost," Smith said Friday as the movie screened at the Berlin International Film Festival (search). "You want to be seen doing something well."

"If you're a great tennis player, you want to be seen on your first date playing tennis," he said. "You don't want to be the guy that, you go to the sushi restaurant, you've never been there and you don't know anything about sushi."

"Hitch" took in an estimated $45.3 million in the United States over the Valentine's Day (search) weekend, making it No. 1 at the box office.

Action hero Smith stars as a Manhattan "date doctor" who helps hopeless men win the hearts of their dream women but has romantic troubles when he meets his own soul mate (Eva Mendes).

"I desperately needed a date doctor in high school," Smith told reporters at the Berlin festival, where the film is showing out of competition.

"I was not anybody's first choice — I was skinny, my ears kind of stick out," he said. "I can make women laugh, and that was all I had ... when women started laughing, then they would open up, and then we could talk and then they could find out that they like the real me."