Roller Derby Making a Comeback

Lace up those skates and slide into those fishnets, because roller derby (search) is making a comeback.

A sport that rocked and rolled in the 1960s and '70s is suddenly chic again. But don't be fooled into thinking this activity is all glamour and no guts.

"It's a contact sport. It's not powder-puff style. It's pretty tough. It's like football in cute little skirts," said Jean Schwarzwalder, who is a photo editor by day but at night turns into "Susie Hot Rod" for New York's Gotham Girls (search).

Publicist Sue Schmitz skates as "Darth Skater" with Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls (search), and she doesn't mind taking a bruising for a good cruising.

"There's a lot of attitude ... there's a lot of tattoos. I'm 5'1" and ride a Harley. I'm having fun!" she said.

Along with the bumps, the women who participate also say the sport relieves tension.

"What attracts me to roller derby? Well, it is an opportunity to take out aggression from a really bad day job," said Natily Blair, who skates with the Gotham Girls.

Roller Derby is making its mark across the country in cities like San Francisco, Austin, Kansas City and Chicago. Perhaps it's proof that old fads die hard, or that, like vintage clothing, everything comes back into fashion ... at least for a little while.

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