Judge Sets Sept. 16 Trial Date for Spector

A judge on Thursday set a Sept. 16 trial date for famed rock 'n' roll producer Phil Spector (search), who is accused of fatally shooting a B-movie actress during a fight at his home.

Spector, 64, wore a black frock coat with a dragonfly brooch and black boots, and responded, "Yes, your honor," when asked if he waived his right to a speedy trial.

Spector is free on $1 million bail. His attorneys did not speak to the media as they left the courthouse.

Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler also said Thursday he will review a prosecution motion on what evidence should be allowed in the case. He did not provide details of the motion, which was sealed.

Spector, who created rock's "wall of sound" recording technique, is accused of shooting Lana Clarkson (search) to death in February 2003 as she tried to leave his home in suburban Alhambra, prosecutors said.

In grand jury transcripts released last month, police Officer Beatrice Rodriguez testified that right after Spector was handcuffed he said, "What's wrong with you guys? What are you doing? I didn't mean to shoot her. It was an accident."

Spector's chauffeur, Adriano De Souza, testified that he brought the couple to the producer's mansion and waited outside in the car. At 5 a.m., he heard a sound like a pop, he said, and Spector came outside minutes later holding a gun.

"I think I killed somebody," he quoted Spector as saying.

Spector later told police that Clarkson had committed suicide, according to transcripts.

A coroner's report in the case showed that Clarkson was shot with a gun inside her mouth and had gunshot residue on both of her hands.

Clarkson, 40, appeared in such B-movies as "March" and "Vice Girls."