Us vs. Them

Thursday was a rather unique show, as we explored the new Blood Brothers in terror — (search)and Syria (search) — and how it all relates to the killing of the former prime minister of Lebanon on Monday.

It seems the Terror World is doing the Free World a favor by showing itself and bonding in full view. For example, Al Qaeda (search) in Iraq nicely declared themselves against democracy and therefore made foes of the 18 million residents who were hoping to have a say in their future. We discussed this with The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol; Sens. Corzine and Ensign.

Also on the docket, kiddie porn and the U.N. worker with Michelle Malkin along with the Oil-for-Food (search) scandal that gets bigger by the day. By the way, why hasn't anyone in the administration tied up the Oil-for-Food scandal with the key reason why so few joined us in liberating Iraq?

Side note: Ashanti the singer and her Juiceman was a welcome light note to end with. I was amazed to learn she had three hits singles at 14 and stayed in school running track and cheerleading. She even ended up going to the prom. I also love that she is from Long Island and her mom, who joined her, is just a nice, nice person.

Love this steroid story in sports. Don't let anyone kid you this is baseball's last shot to clean up the sport. You don't ignore Jose Canseco because he is a little wacky and egotistical. The problem the sport has that won't go away is located in Cooperstown at the Hall of Fame. You can't let Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa in with this steroid cloud hanging over their head. But I also don't know baseball can stop them. Hey, St Louis sticking with the McGwire statue idea? Tough call!

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