Pols Want to Ban Political Bias at Colleges

Several Ohio state lawmakers want to pass legislation that they argue is needed to ban political bias on college campuses.

"Students should be free to give their opinion without fear of retribution," said Ohio GOP State Sen. Larry Mumper.

According to Mumper, professors in the Buckeye State (search) are discriminating against students who don't hold the same political views, and the bias is usually a liberal one. He points to a recent study by a Santa Clara University (search) researcher that found Democrats outnumber Republicans eight to one among social science and humanities faculty as evidence of the left slant.

Similar legislation is being debated in a dozen statehouses this year. It's already law in Georgia. Ohio’s bill goes one step further than other states and sets up a grievance system for complaints.

Opponents say the legislation amounts to unnecessary meddling.

"We shouldn't limit discussion, open debate, and limit our universities from having ... what I believe is a free market system of ideas," said Ohio Democratic State Sen. Teresa Fedor.

Supporters of the bill say it would not limit ideas, but rather ensure fairness.

"We're not trying to legislate thought, we're not trying to take away free speech, we simply think we should have parity,” Mumper said.

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