Happy Kyoto Day!

On Thursday, the Kyoto (search) greenhouse gas treaty went to effect for nearly everybody else in the world, but the U.S. and China and India. It was therefore a day for the world's environmentalists to engage in what I call, "Stupid Kyoto Tricks."

The best one was in London when Greenpeace protestors decided to invade the International Petrolium Exchange (search), a trading floor where oil and gasoline are traded on the world market — it's a little like the New York Stock Exchange or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The protestors figured they'd bring trading to a halt by making a lot of noise. They figured the traders would be struck into silence by the sight of a bunch of mangy protestors making noise.


The London oil traders went into full punch out mode instantly. One of the protestors said he was surprised how quickly the traders turned to violence. He said this while nursing a busted skull from getting pounded and thrown out onto the street ... by the oil traders.

Jeez, those environmentalists certainly are deep thinkers, aren't they? It evidently didn't occur to them that oil traders hate them and might actually rather bust an environmentalist's head than trade oil for a few minutes.

And this is one of my favorite Kyoto tie in stories: the Smart Car (search).

This thing is a chair with a steering wheel — or rather, two chairs. I've seen them buzzing around Rome and Paris. Yes, I have been to Rome and Paris.

In ancient cities where the roads were built for oxcarts and donkeys, these things are very handy. You can park in the same space as a discarded beer can. You get 80 some miles to the thimble of gas.

Now they're trying to sell these things in America. They were introduced at the Chicago Auto Show. Can you imagine meeting up with an 18-wheeler in one of these things?

But you know, the Kyotos say what works among the enlightened Euros will surely work here.

Happy Kyoto Day. We now live in a Kyoto world. Greenhouse gases are going away.

Feel better yet?

That's My Word.

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