Fast Facts: Negroponte Profile

President Bush tapped a trusted diplomat to be the nation's first national intelligence director. Here is background on his choice:

NAME — John Dimitri Negroponte.

AGE; BIRTH DATE — 65; born July 21, 1939, in London.

EDUCATION — B.A., Yale University, 1960.

EXPERIENCE — Ambassador to Iraq, 2004-present; ambassador to the United Nations, 2001-2004; executive vice president, McGraw-Hill Cos., 1997-2001; ambassador to the Philippines, 1993-96; ambassador to Mexico, 1989-93; deputy national security adviser, 1987-89; assistant secretary of state, oceans, international environmental, scientific affairs, 1985-1987; ambassador to Honduras, 1981-85; deputy assistant secretary of state, East Asian and Pacific affairs, 1980-81; deputy assistant secretary of state, oceans and fisheries, 1977-79.

FAMILY — Wife, Diana; five children.