Bomb Injures Seven Iraqis

Insurgents have wounded seven Iraqi soldiers by detonating a bomb as a convoy of U.S. troops and Iraqi National Guardsmen (search) passed by.

The attack occurred on the main road running north to Kirkuk and officials say no Americans were wounded.

In western Baghdad last night, guards for Shiite Muslim worshipers killed a man they said was ready to detonate an explosive-laden belt he was wearing.

Saturday is Ashoura (search), the holiest day of the Shiite Muslim calendar. It marks the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad, in the seventh century.

During Ashoura last year, twin blasts ripped through crowds of worshippers at Shiite Muslim shrines in Baghdad and Karbala, killing at least 181 people.

Also yesterday, unidentified gunmen attacked two trucks carrying food supplies in a town south of Baghdad, killing six men.