You've Been Warned

Some days the news gives me a feeling of déjà vu — you know, the feeling that I think I've been down this road before.

Wednesday, I got that feeling reading what CIA chief Porter Goss (search) said to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Goss said Al Qaeda (search) is still trying to figure out how attack the U.S. and it's only a matter of time until they try it again with a chemical, or nuclear, or biological weapon. A little while later the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) said it too.

I remember back in early 2001 when the occasional terror expert would stop by for an interview segment and say — essentially — "they're coming and they want to kill you."

We didn't pay much attention before Sept. 11. Then we paid a lot of attention. Now I'm wondering if we're still paying attention, or if our collective mind has begun to wander.

Nobody has attacked us lately. We've managed to keep the war in Iraq in Iraq. We're fighting the terrorists there, not here.

All that's fine. But what Goss was saying was this: Terrorists are getting trained in Iraq; we're not going to be able to kill, or detain every one of them there; they are going to try to slip into this country, and worst of all, some of them are already here, hiding out, cooking up their schemes and trying to find a day when everything is perfect for another attack.

It all makes perfect sense and we should be doing things about it.

The TSA is doing good work at the airport. But not every TSA person and not every airport. They should tighten up.

The ports are a problem. Somebody should cook up a solution.

Detentions are getting a bad name. Somebody should start showing how keeping bad guys in Gitmo is good for this country and harmless to the Constitution.

The Patriot Act makes civil libertarians and terrorists nervous. The civil libertarians will get over it. The terrorists should be scooped up and squeezed for info.

Somebody better do something about our borders. If millions of Mexicans can figure out how to get in, then the Mohamed Attas of the world should have not much problem. We have to make it a problem.

Remember, we have been warned.

That's My Word.

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