Topics and Guests for February 14

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Iraq's election results are in. But with no clear winner, can the factions work together to form a working government? That's the big question for Les Campbell, program director of the National Democratic Institute.

Will it be possible to find an impartial jury for the Michael Jackson trial? We'll ask Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News senior judicial analyst.

Mending fences with our old allies: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld plays nice with the Europeans on his trip to Germany. Can the charm offensive patch up our real differences? We'll ask Amity Shlaes, syndicated columnist at The Financial Times.

Plus, she's already done prison time for her illegal affair. Now Mary Kay Letourneau wants to make it legal. Have the former teacher and her ex-student set a wedding date? FOX News' Heather Nauert investigates.

And, monitoring the Dean Machine: Will DNC Chairman Howard Dean (search) step up, or break down? RNC Chair Ken Mehlman responds on today's edition of "The Big Story."

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