Michael's Medical Drama

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Perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but expect more drama in the Michael Jackson trial Wednesday. I'm having a lawyer on "DaySide" who represents a porn producer who was in business with Michael; this producer is now suing the pop star.

And, just in case you haven't heard enough about the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston breakup (search), the authors of a brand new "instant book" will be in the studio with new details of what was behind Brad and Jen's split.

Also, for you "Desperate Housewives" (search) fans, seems there's a neighborhood in New York that's really living out the TV drama. The authors of a new book reveal what happens among these wives when their husbands leave for work. Here's a hint: their book is called, "To Love, Honor and Betray."

Now, some feedback on today's show. Regarding the Tennessee judge ordering immigrant Mexican mothers to learn English, I got this from Dave in Westminster, Colorado:

What is in the best interest of the child is to learn English so the kid can succeed as the kid grows up...it is possible to learn a foreign language in 6 months. I taught myself enough Chinese to get by as a tourist before I went to China a few years ago.

I also got many more accounts of road rage. Get this:

Even police officers can get caught up in one of these moments... A car pulled out in front of me and I had to veer off the side of the road in order to avoid hitting him… After getting back on the road and catching up with him, I repeatedly attempted to pass and he repeatedly veered in front of me. It got to the point where we were literally stopped in the road. He jumped out of the car and stormed back to my car… he started to scream at me. He then took a step back and kicked my door…unfortunately my "cop instincts" took over and I got out of the car…Looking back on it now, I can't believe I didn't just stay in my vehicle, write down his license plate, a description of him and call the police. I got caught up in the emotion of the moment.

I was a victim of road rage quite a few years ago. It was quite frightening. At the time, I was about 22…I learned that day to be a little less in a hurry, and to try not to ever do anything in my car that could be taken as offensive to other drivers. You never know when the rager might be pushed beyond their threshold.

I'm a subdued road rager…I don't challenge them, honk at, or try to shoot them, but secretly, in the back of my mind, I have a rocket launcher and I light them up like the 4th of July…The only price I pay is occasionally high blood pressure.
—T.G. Scott
Milan, TN

Like many other anti-social behaviors [road rage] is another symptom for the lack of respect people have for each other.

That's all for now — see you on the air on Wednesday.


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