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It's so nice to be back! (I got an e-mail from viewer Pete Johnson on Monday with a stern scolding, "Stop taking days off!") Okay, Pete — no more vacation for a while.

Here's what we're working on Tuesday. Road rage (search). Ever felt it? Been on the receiving end of it? There's some research just coming out that says 64 percent of Americans have been targets of road rage. If you're one of these folks, please e-mail me with details of what happened to you. The email is

Also, there's a judge in Tennessee who handles child abuse/neglect, who has issued an unusual order to some of the mothers who've appeared in his court: learn English or else! For instance, a Mexican immigrant who had been cited for neglect of her 11-year-old daughter. The mom asked for counseling. Judge Barry Tatum (search) declined, and instead gave her six months to learn basic English. There is heated debate over Judge Tate's orders — the ACLU (search) calls them discriminatory and unconstitutional. Here's what I am told is an excerpt of the Judge's order: "If the mother is able to learn English, she will be able to speak with her daughter for the first time in a substantive manner and will show her that she loves her and is willing to do anything necessary to connect with her."

What do you think? Let's make this a vigorous debate. The Mexican woman's lawyer will be with me on “DaySide” Tuesday.

Sylvester Stallone will also be on with me, talking about the magazine he's just published, called "Sly." He's also behind a new reality show on NBC (search) called "The Contender" (search), which follows 16 contestants through training camp and matches in the ring. The winner gets $1 million and the chance to be a prizefighter. Stallone is willing to talk about anything, though, so if you have other questions you'd like me to ask him, e-mail them to me.

Oh, and one more thing. A new book just out contends that when you're raising young kids, gender matters. Twenty years ago, many researchers argued that boys and girls really aren't that different. But now the author of "Why Gender Matters", family doctor Leonard Sax (search), says those researchers were wrong. For instance, he says young girls develop finely tuned hearing early on — meaning that a Dad may think he's talking to his daughter in a normal voice, but she hears it as yelling. That's just the beginning of Dr. Sax's list of many differences — check out the interview and see if you agree.

Now, some feedback on Monday's show. Regarding the methamphetamine problem in this country and the brutal killing of 10-year-old Katie Collman (search) (allegedly) by meth addicts, I got this e-mail from a viewer who asked me not to use her name:

"My heart goes out to the dad of Katie, however, he is not alone. I live in Eastern Oregon, in Umatilla County along the Columbia River. Our meth problem is so bad... tweekers from WA State come across the bridge to Oregon to set up meth labs along that beautiful river. My brother and his girlfriend were walking along the shore... and stumbled across a meth lab in the trees.... We have meth labs right here in our neighborhood. Since we live outside the city limits, we get no help."

Here's my question to Anonymous: Have you called your local police/sheriff? If not, please do so right away. If you have called them, what was their response? Just curious.

See you all on the air Tuesday.


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