Love Is in the Air

A surprise spring wedding announcement that a friend of the family calls, "long overdue."

No, I am not talking about that madcap couple, Charles and Camilla and the royal nuptials.

I'm talking about Mary Kay Letourneau (search), the convicted child rapist, and Vili Fualaau (search), the adjudicated child rape victim.

They have finally set the date for their wedding, April 16, just eight days after Chuck and Camilla's also long overdue wedding day. 2005 is evidently starting off as the year of the overdue wedding.

When it comes to Mary Kay and Vili, I must say while I don't feel like tearing up over the romance of it all, though it does take my breath away.

This was a 33-year-old woman who seduced and then bedded a 12-year-old boy. We know that's a fact and not just tabloid innuendo because she had his baby.

She went away for a while, got out on her own recognizance, was caught steaming up the windows of a car with him and had another baby with him.

This kid was a father twice while he still needed a father to show him how to get merit badges in Boy Scouts and how to tie a bowtie for the high school prom.

She served her time, seven and a half years. He's now 22 and she's now 43 and they're getting married.

We needed to hear something uplifting in the love department for Valentine's Day, didn't we?

The wedding is going to be in a church — what church marries rapists and rape victims? — and their two daughters are going to be flower girls. I'm sorry this is just too weird for me and I was born in California!

And how is young Vili going to be supporting his wife and children? He's getting his GED now and talking to gallery owners about exhibiting his artwork.

My, his teacher sure did a great job getting him started in life. No high school diploma, no hopes for college, dreams of an art career, two babies and a wife who will be on Social Security when he turns forty.

Give that teacher a medal!

That's My Word.

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