Oh Canada!

On Friday, an editorial in The Toronto Star newspaper headlined, "Try Khadr or Release Him."

The paper is demanding that 18-year-old named Omar Khadr (search) either get a trial for his alleged crimes, or be given his release from Guantanamo Bay (search), where he is being held indefinitely as a terrorist picked up on the field of battle. There is no doubt that a terrorist is precisely what he is.

At age 15 fifteen, Khadr was wounded in a battle in Afghanistan with American troops, in which his Al Qaeda (search) father was killed and his Al Qaeda brother was badly wounded.

Omar Khadr threw a grenade that killed an American medic who was rushing into render first aid as the battle died down and it was obvious the young Khadr was badly wounded.

The Khadr family is Canadian, much to Canada's shame. The Toronto Star refers to the family as despised in Canada. If that's true, it's the first good news out of Canada in years.

The Khadrs have used Canada as a home base for years, while they conducted jihad against Americans and others in Afghanistan. The father was a close associate of Usama bin Laden, in fact the elder Khadr took care of some of bin Laden's financial matters.

The family divided its time between Afghanistan Al Qaeda training camps and Canada where they came home to raise money for Afghan relief, cash that really went into the terror training operations.

There is no doubt the younger Khadr being held by the Americans at Gitmo is terrorist through and through. We would have been perfectly entitled to put a bullet in his head on the field of battle, but American troops saved his life instead and he now is served three squares in Gitmo.

His lawyers say he's been abused at Gitmo: tortured and forced to urinate on himself while shackled. All in all humiliated.

Poor baby. You can throw grenades at Americans, but you can't take tinkling on yourself? Aww. We feel so bad.

Actually, we don't. This is another instance where we're going to have to tell Canada to forget it.

The younger Khadr is the worst of the worst. He belongs right where he is and he deserves to stay there as long as we want.

That's My Word.

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