Feb 5: Taking Action

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Saturday, Feb. 5:

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan (search) takes action in response to a highly critical investigative report about the troubled Oil-for-Food (search) program. What can be done to save the U.N.’s tarnished reputation? We’ll talk to Annan’s director of communications Edward Mortimer about what disciplinary action will result from the scathing report.

Plus, Professor Ward Churchill (search) of the University of Colorado is under fire for comments he made in an essay about 9/11 that compared World Trade Center victims to Nazis. Now Colorado lawmakers are looking into the professor’s future, but should he be fired for his controversial comments or are the First Amendment (search) and tenure on his side? We’ll talk to Colorado Governor Bill Owens (search) for his opinion of the controversy.

And FOX News’ own Geraldo Rivera talks about his interview with Michael Jackson that airs Saturday at 10 P.M. EST.

As police search for John and Linda Dollar (search), the Florida couple that disappeared after they were confronted by authorities for child abuses, the Department of Children & Families wonders how the five children living with them were starved, shocked and hit with a hammer by the couple. We’ll have the latest on the case.

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