Father of Severed Arms Baby Under Fire

A man whose wife is accused of killing the couple's child by cutting off the infant's arms showed a disturbing lack of emotion after the baby's death, saying he felt "a little melancholy," according to a psychologist's report.

The report, which was obtained by The Dallas Morning News, also said John Schlosser (search) should have done more to protect his children from his mentally ill wife.

Psychologist Jana R. Long evaluated Schlosser to help determine whether his surviving daughters, ages 6 and 9, should live with him. A judge had sealed the report last month.

Schlosser, 35, got custody of the girls last month under the condition that his sister live with the family. The arrangement was to be reviewed Friday.

Long said Schlosser told her he felt "a little melancholy" about the 10-month-old baby's death but finds comfort that she is "praising God" in heaven. He said he was "almost done being very sad when I buried her."

Dena Schlosser (search), 35, was charged with capital murder in November after she told a 911 operator that she had severed baby Margaret's arms. Police and paramedics found the mother in her living room, covered in blood and still holding a knife.

"If you think that John Schlosser hasn't grieved, you'd be wrong," Howard Shapiro, John Schlosser's attorney, said in a story in Friday's edition of the Morning News. "Maybe he hasn't cried openly on TV. Maybe he hasn't jumped up and down and ripped his clothes off, but he's grieved."