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Dear Viewers,

Today, you are doing all the work... I am posting e-mails from viewers. Note that several posted relate to Bill Cosby (search). I have randomly grabbed these e-mails — if I were to guess, most that came in about the controversy supported Bill Cosby. I have not counted them and compared them. I have also not selected the e-mails with any formula in mind as to what ones to post and what ones not to post — it is largely a random grab although I did want to show a mixture.

E-mail No. 1

I’m a retired police captain and graduate of the FBI National Academy. I fly on commercial airlines between 4 and 10 times a month (Southwest is my routine carrier), for an insurance company for which I conduct fraud investigations. My wife is an Assistant United States Attorney.
Approximately a month ago, the TSA placed me, and apparently every other William McDonald in the United States on the Terrorist Watch List, and after repeated attempts has refused to provide me with a way to get off the list. This has resulted in me being prohibited from online check-in, check-in a kiosks, and other time-saving procedures that all others enjoy. I now have to wait in long lines at ticket counters, arrive at the airport much earlier — and likely wind up with no room for my carry-on which requires me to check my bag.
Yes, the TSA says they have a procedure to eliminate this problem, but in fact, they cannot implement it.
My next step? Go into Federal court and get battered by claims of National Security? I need my 15 minutes of fame!
Bill McDonald

E-mail No. 2

I agree with the viewer who said your blog has become too much of an open book about what goes on behind the scenes. I have long felt your blogs were quite self-centered. Even when they focus on a news event, you have a way of tooting your own horn in the written text — pointing out your stealth investigative techniques, for example. Your willingness to point out problems and mistakes that go on behind the scenes appears to be but another way to make yourself the center of attention: Look at me, how smart I am, how hard I work, how stressful my job is, how many personal sacrifices I make for FOX and you the viewer. Now you claim your personal confessions are for the benefit of your audience — to teach us about how television works. Did I sign up for this class?
Boise, ID

ANSWER: Someone should help Carmen in Boise. She is apparently being forced to read this blog each day. Someone should quickly call the police to protect Carmen! She can't help herself. As an aside, Carmen — and now I am serious — what do you expect in a "behind the scenes" blog? A dissertation on macro- and micro-economics?

E-mail No. 3

Advice on how to report the story with Mr. Cosby? I don't have any, sorry. He always seemed like a class act. Honestly I personally do not have a huge interest in celebrities, some, just not much. The pants thing in Virginia is a hoot. I could understand a school having a dress code, and I understand the illegality of exposing one self. As distasteful as this particular style is, combined with the wearing of a baseball hat backwards does call into question the future of this country. This style will pass and another equally or worse will take its place. The revenge will be when the practitioners of this particular style get some age on them and have a family. When a faded photo is produced the kids will have a huge laugh at their expense. Much like photos of guys my age in leisure suits. Fortunately I never succumbed to the urge however faint to purchase a leisure suit.

E-mail No. 4

Money makes people say the darndest things. Why did these people wait so long to come out with these accusations? Could it have anything to do with Bill's stand on black responsibility?
Jack Rowland
Wappingers Falls, NY

E-mail No. 5

Thank God I'm not the only one bothered by those ads for Viagra and Cialis ... and I'm a "middle of the road Democrat" (as opposed to a "really Moral Republican"). In fact, I'm from the very liberal 60s, but these ads are just plain embarrassing. How do you explain them to your six-year-old granddaughter? I agree with the person who sent the e-mail saying they just don't belong during the dinner hour. And that woman in the Cialis ad ... if I met her on the street, I'd have to slap her, she's so annoying.
Kathleen McSherry
Manteca, CA

E-mail No. 6

I'm surprised I'm writing you on this one, because I have never cared for Mr. Cosby, until recently when I saw pieces about him holding people (blacks included) responsible the messes their lives are in. Now this allegation? I'm truly torn, because I've always felt that it takes two to tango ... some victims stay that way, because they keep insisting they were the pursued and not the pursuer and thereby absolve themselves of any responsibility. As for the coverage on this, I'm kind of voting for putting this Cosby thing on the back burner and get more substantiated facts.
Ann Parker
Oklahoma City, OK

ANSWER: I agree with you ... we need to see all the facts. I wish we could get all the facts in one night instead of over a series of nights. Plus, we can never be sure — especially in sex scandals — of what the facts are. It takes sifting through many facts, looking for corroboration and applying best judgment to the facts. Sex allegations are most difficult to investigate. Sometimes the "truth" is halfway between what both say.

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta,
As I listened to the second Cosby accuser intently, I detect inconsistency. She remembers it all too vividly, yet she remembers speaking to Cosby a little while afterwards but cant remember if it was face-to-face or on the phone. How can one forget the important part of everything that you remember happened 30 years ago? That's the moment she lost it with me. She's a lawyer and tend to sound convincing.
Seyi Onabule
Brixton, London

E-mail No. 8

The woman that claims that he tried to have sex 30 years ago seems very weak. She claims she was high and in and out of it. Then she can remember everything. Can't do it both ways. Yet I wish to raise a bigger point. Why is it that this all came out after Bill took on Jessie. It appears that these dots are to close together.
Russell Flewellen, II

E-mail No. 9 — note: in this next e-mail, I took out the woman's name since I don't know if she would expect her name to get posted on a Web site. She did not ask to have her name removed. Note also that had the e-mail named the alleged rapist, I would have eliminated that, too, under these circumstances:

Hello Greta,
My name is ****** and I would like to share my story with you about a football player who raped me 15 years ago. I never said anything because I knew that chances were nobody would believe my story. And by going public I would be the one to suffer, along with my family. I did however share my story with lots of friends and family members who greatly supported me through this hard time. I still feel like this person took from me my self worth. I wish I would of gone forward and put this person through more hell then what I still go through every time I hear his name or when I hear one more celebrity trying to get away with this kind of "sexual humiliation and sexual torment-torture towards women".
I'm so happy that these two "brave women" are coming forward and telling their stories about their encounters with Bill Cosby. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment by anyone. I would take everything and anything I could if I were these two women. Bill Cosby did! I sure hope that the person who raped me is listening up out there, because "sooner or later the truth comes out." I want nothing more then to see this person crawl in a hole from such embarrassment and humiliation just like he put me through. And he probably will, very soon.
Thank you for listening.

E-mail No. 10

Dear Greta:
Did it ever occur to any of you that all of this stuff coming out about Cosby, has really surfaced since he has become so outspoken about various organizations in the Black Community? I think it would behoove each of you to start looking beyond those two women and start looking at the whole picture. Did it ever occur to you that there might be certain entities who might be trying to frame (make life difficult) for Cosby? Let's put the investigative staff to work and start looking under the table, Greta. I think there is more to this story than these women accusing Cosby of "groping."
Carl M. Antonik
State College, PA
P.S.: I would really like to see these women take a polygraph test and not one selected by their lawyers.

E-mail No. 11

Dear Greta,
I'm one of the probably few who think this woman, Tamara, is telling the truth, simply because she sounds very credible; however I would want to see if the story can be collaborated by people from years ago. I must say, also, that I think it's bull to say she has nothing to gain by this. We all know that unless she is a highly successful attorney this kind of exposure (true or not) will make her famous and I can see Gloria already figuring the book deal in her head.
New Orleans, LA

E-mail No. 12

Would the lady who is accusing Bill Cosby please explain how she can claim she thought she was taking Contac which was red/gray. When, at that time Contac tablets were pure white? Just a thought. Have a good day.
Grants Pass, OR

E-mail No. 13

I am listening to your interview with the lady that claims Bill Cosby drugged her many years ago. Supposedly he gave her Contac. Just for the record, I took two Contac about 35 years ago and at that time I could not remember doing anything for two days. My husband said I took care of our then two-year-old son, cooked meals (my in-laws were visiting at that time) etc. Needless to say, I have never taken Contac since. So, it is possible that she really did take Contac and had the same reaction I did, and that really is the drug Cosby gave her. I am not claiming that Mr. Cosby didn't do any of the other things she claims, but I also have to ask, why did she go out to lunch when she was so sick? Looks to me like she was just setting herself up for trouble! However, we all need to be responsible for our own actions.
I have always liked the shows that Bill Cosby has been on, but that is not real life. I really hope Mr. Cosby has not done what these women are claiming. I think it is all about money.
Jane Andrews

E-mail No. 14

Dear Greta,
Don't you think it is odd that after 30 years, in the absence of a report of rape, that these accusations are made AFTER Bill Cosby began talking to the black community, particularly to black parents and black school-age children about personal discipline and responsibility, and how important these obligations are to one's self respect toward family, ultimate career achievement and financial stability? Oh what a disappointment Mr. Cosby's optimistic message must be to political poverty predators who do their best to capitalize financially on fear and pessimism in black communities. Why are these the only two incidents in a thirty year period? How could this one woman, your TV guest, who invited an unknown celebrity into her home, complain of loss of memory then remember such gritting details 30 year later, especially after declining Mr. Cosby's initial invitation to lunch because of a terrible flu? Are these two women presenting a case of "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive?"
You are great. We love your show. We also love Bill Cosby whom we have been watching for at least 30 years. We like what he says today, just we like we did thirty years ago. Remember, after all of his successes, in middle age Bill Cosby went back to school and earned a PhD. The stories we hear from these two women do not appear to be bathed in pure consistency; and that gap of thirty years ... well, that's a problem, too.
Richard and Alixanne Huntzinger
Scottsdale, AZ

E-mail No. 15

I will let slide Tamara's aggressive, bold, and defiant manner. In the 70-s and 80s I was in my 30s. The over the counter medication Contac was very popular. It was very strong and could deal you quite a blow. I can remember taking it and rather quickly getting a little dizzy, becoming very drowsy in a short period of time. If you took it a lot, you would eventually get immune to its effects. But, the first few times it was quite strong and could knock you out. If Tamara had never taken it before and if Cosby gave her two it really could have drugged her. How does she know what he gave her if this whole thing is true or is she looking for a book deal or a permanent job on your show as a guest attorney? I think the woman is looking for another avenue of employment. Please don't put her on your dream team. My goal in the next year is to meet you all for a beer! She wouldn't fit in.
Seattle, WA

E-mail No. 16

Hi Greta!
On your show tonight, Tamara Green made a comment that it was difficult to contact the Montgomery County DA's Office in PA to report her encounter with Bill Cosby. She also stated that there was no direct phone number, and when she did get through, it took one week for someone from Bruce Castor's office to speak with her. The phone number is listed in the telephone directory (610) 278-3090. Three years ago, I had information about a case which was being investigated by Castor's office. The staff was always very helpful and courteous. Twice I was immediately connected with the assistant DA who was handling the case, and he was always interested and genuinely concerned about the information which I was providing. I was also given e-mail addresses as another form of contact and always received timely responses. From my positive experience with the DA's office, I find it difficult to believe Ms. Green's comments.
Bonnie Hartzel
Skippack, PA

E-mail No. 17

On your show tonight with Tamara, I am surprised that she alleged that Bill Cosby drugged her. I have taken cold medicine that has made me feel drowsy and Tamara made the comment that she took two pills which may have been a bit strong for her. Also, Tamara indicated that Bill Cosby asked her if she would like the cold medicine before giving it to her. It sounds to me that, if what she is saying is true, Bill Cosby simply made a pass at her and stopped when she resisted. With regards to the comment that Bill Cosby didn't ask first, I wonder how many men ask before making a pass and touching. Also, I wonder if Tamara plans to sue. It appears that Tamara enjoys the limelight.
Carol Ward

E-mail No. 18

Hi Greta,
These accusations against Bill Cosby shouldn't hurt him. I know it wouldn't stop him from being elected governor of California.
Dan Toland
Delray Beach, FL

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