Irate at Iran: What Should Be Done?

In published reports, Iran (search) said it will retaliate if the United States attacks its nuclear facilities and will accelerate its drive to master the technology.

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, in a rare interview, said there was nothing the U.S. or European nations could do to force it to give up its nuclear ambitions.

Irate at Iran: What should be done?

A sample of your responses:

Iran is the most dangerous country of all. Nuclear weapons should never be in their hands. President Bush will do whatever is neccessary to take care of the situation.

They seem to want nuclear weapons in the worst way... fly a few over to 'em! Via Trident missle submarine.
Erik W.
Clifton Park, NY

Step 1: Get Iraq so it can stand on its own feet and protect itself.
Step 2: Move East from Iraq with the Army and Marines, move West from Afghanistan with the Army and Marines, Air Force from Turkey.
Step 3: Regime change.
Carl M.
Allegan, MI

Stop pussy-footing around and conduct a RAID! If we exhaust all other options first and play with the E.U. and U.N., they will have time to hide everything including the kitchen sink and the task becomes more dangerous for U.S. forces.
Rodger S.
San Antonio, TX

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