Feb. 9, 2005

Key Stories & Hot Topics:

CNN’s Eason Jordan remains in the soup for having alleged at last week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that U.S. troops in Iraq had knocked off at least a dozen journalists. The claim drew gasps from the audience, including session moderator David Gergen. Since then, a variety of intrepid investigators have tried to get to the bottom of it all. Michelle Malkin offers this concise summary, and has more here. If you want to drill a little deeper, check out the Washington Post, New York Sun, and the Boston Globe.

And some Easongate blogs: Captain's Quarters, Power Line, RConversation, and Michelle Malkin.

Meanwhile, it turns out terrorists in Iraq really are targeting journalists. Today’s victim worked for the U.S.-financed Al Hurra network.

Droopy Drawers:

Virginia Del. Algie T. Howell Jr. has succeeded in persuading his fellow politicians to pass what has become known as the “Droopy Drawers Bill.” The measure would impose $50 fines for wearing big ol’ baggy pants that sag and droop, leaving innocent bystanders exposed to the sight of the persons, um, undergarments. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Virginia Senate follows suit: Virginia Gov. Mark Warner wants to become the next Democratic presidential nominee — or so the gossips say — and might not want to be remembered as the man who created the Pants Police.

Ward Churchill says he has no intention of apologizing for a long and mediocre academic career, for allegedly having posed for decades as a Native American, rather than as a White Guy with an Attitude, and for likening the victims of September 11th to Nazis. Nor does young High School artist Jeffrey Eden, who won a silver key at the Rhode Island Scholastic Art Awards for a work titled, “Bush/Hitler and How History Repeats Itself.”

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, last seen stalking President Bush at the State of the Union Address, has decided to wage war on behalf of the latest new hot technology, the choo-choo.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sees the budget fight as a matter of Biblical proportions — literally. He calls the federal balance sheet a moral document?!

Martin O’Malley:

Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley cleared the room Tuesday by complaining the president wasn’t lavishing enough money on mayors like the Hon. O’Malley, and that this fiscal neglect constituted a crime analogous to the September 11th attacks. Fellow Democrats immediately laced up their track shoes and began running as fast as they could from the loose-lipped mayor of Baltimore.

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