Rove Gets Promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff

Karl Rove (search), the senior political strategist who orchestrated President Bush's re-election campaign, has been promoted to deputy chief of staff, a job that will involve him in all White House policy and not just politics.

Rove will retain his title as senior adviser and continue to oversee political and intergovernmental affairs as well as strategic initiatives, but he will be even more involved in the development and coordination of all policy, domestic and international, White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

The promotion has rankled a few Democrats who think it shows that Bush cares more about "political positioning" on issues than public policy decision-making.

"Empowering Rove in this way shows that Bush cares more about political positioning than honest policy discussions," Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe (search) said.

"Bush knows that Rove is neither an economic nor a national security expert. He is simply an ideological strategist. ... Clearly, Bush thinks political manipulation matters more than keeping the president honestly informed about the state of the country."