Moving On Out

Here we have an odd situation. The French say they're over it. But 18,000 actual Americans say they are definitely not. Over what, you ask? Over the election of George W. Bush.

The French have decided they have to get along with Bush and they will just swallow their massive Gallic pride and try to get along — somehow — with an American president they consider stupid, uninformed and way, way, way too Texan.

But, according to The New York Times, at least 12,000 American citizens — maybe as high as 18,000 depending on how you're doing the figuring — are so angry and disaffected by the election of Bush that they're moving to Canada.

That's three times the usual number of Americans who move to Canada every year and a mere fraction of the number of Canadians who move the opposite direction — to the U.S. — every year.

Remember when Alec Baldwin (search) said he'd move if Bush were elected? Baldwin didn't ... and that's a good thing, because he's a pretty good actor when he isn't running his mouth about politics.

All these other Americans are so disgusted they're heading to Canada and guess what they're running into right away? The vaunted Canadian bureaucracy, which is going to make Americans wait years to move to the Great White North.

Usama bin Laden can get on a plane in Lahore, Pakistan (search), disembark in Quebec, declare himself persecuted back home and get asylum quicker than he can say, "Kill the infidel!" But an American running north, lured by the anti-Americanism and anti-Bushism of the Canadian people and the Canadian government, has to wait years.

One guy said he was on the 100-month plan — he'd wait 100 months to get in. That's a little less than ten years!

My deal is that anyone who wants to go should go and we should never let them back. You like sneering Canadians so much? Fine, stay ... forever.

By the way, every American who goes north in disgust over Bush is one less vote for the people who'd like to fight Bush. So the people who oppose Bush are taking a step to make him stronger? Go figure.

That's My Word.

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