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Check out these authors that have been on "DaySide" recently:

Friday, December 31
Krakatoa: The Day The Word Exploded
Author: Simon Winchester
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Wednesday, December 29
Hip: The History
Author: John Leland
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Thursday, December 16
Why I Wore Lipstick
Author: Geralyn Lucas
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Linda: I loved this book! A must read for any woman battling cancer.

Tuesday, December 14
50 Jobs Worse Than Yours
Author: Justin Racz
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Linda: Really makes you appreciate your job!

Wednesday, December 8
Imperial Hubris
Author: Michael Scheuer
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Linda: Some people in Washington question Michael's motives, but it is nonetheless an interesting read.

Wednesday, December 8
Customer Service Nightmares
Author: Nancy Friedman
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Linda: Very funny stuff in this book.

Monday, December 6
Love, Poverty, And War
Author: Christopher Hitchens
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Linda: Christopher is both brilliant and ruthless in his criticism...

Friday, December 3
The Singleton: Targeting Cuba
Author: Major General Jeff Lambert
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Linda: What a great read!

Friday, December 3
Time Never Heals
Author: Eugene Ligotti
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Linda: Frank's story is an important reminder to us all about remembering our Vietnam Vets.

Thursday, December 2
The Know-It-All
Author: AJ Jacobs
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Linda: AJ is a funny guy— and we find some interesting trivia!

Wednesday, November 24
I Can’t Believe You Asked That!
Author: Phillip Milano
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Linda: A book that’s both hilarious and serious: It bravely answers questions many of us are too nervous to ask for fear of offending someone!

Friday, November 19
Hating America: The New World Sport
Author: John Gibson
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Linda: John Gibson took the time to really investigate the extent of anti-Americanism around the world — this is a very provocative book!

Thursday, November 18
Ronnie and Nancy
Author: Bob Colacello
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Linda: Wow — this is really fascinating. No one else has ever gotten this kind of access to Nancy Regan.

Friday, November 12
Constitutional Chaos
Author: Judge Andrew Napolitano
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Linda: This is a real eye-opener.

Thursday, November 11
When Washington Crossed The Delaware
Author: Lynne Cheney
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Linda: A wonderful book! Reminded me of our brave soldiers in Fallujah.

Tuesday, November 9
Final Beginnings
Author: John Edward
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Linda: This was a page turner— couldn't put it down!

Friday, November 5
25 Years Of Dallas
Author: Barbara A. Curran
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Linda: A delicious read for "Dallas" fans.

Friday, October 29
Weird U.S.
Author: Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran
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Linda: Realllllly Spooky.

Monday, October 18
Escape In Iraq: The Thomas Hamill Story
Author: Thomas Hamill and Paul T. Brown
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Linda: This is a fast read and I loved every page.

Wednesday, October 6
How To Talk To A Liberal If You Must
Author: Ann Coulter
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Linda: Ann is back in fighting form...

Tuesday, October 5
Rough Edges
Author: Jim Rogan
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Linda: Jim is brutally honest— rare for a politician!

Thursday, September 30
One-Car Caravan
Author: Walter Shapiro
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Linda: Fascinating behind-the-scenes stories.

Wednesday, September 29
The Three Martini Playdate
Author: Christie Mellor
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Linda: She's kidding about the martinis...

Monday, September 20
Overcoming Sexual Terrorism
Author: Jake Goldenflame
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Linda: Profits from book sales go into a special fund used to continue Jake Goldenflame's work in offender reform, victim assistance, and community crisis intervention. The book is available from its publisher on the Bookstore page For further information, or to read excerpts, viewers can go to its Web site at:

Thursday, September 9
Author: Bill Gertz
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Thursday, September 9
What to Do if Your Dog Is Injured or Killed
Author: Kenneth Phillips
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Linda: The book isn't actually in print — its an e-book available on this web site:

Thursday, August 19
The Untold Story
Author: Iain Calder
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Linda: Iain Calder is a fascinating man. This book has some truly astonishing revelations about people selling out in the news! It's a fascinating read.

Wednesday, June 23
Finding God in the Questions
Author: Timothy Johnson
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Linda: For anyone who's ever questioned their faith and would like to hear a wise man's answers... this is a mighty fine book.

Tuesday, June 22
Generation Kill
Author: Evan Wright
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Linda: This is the only book I've read that is completely told from the ENLISTED MAN'S perspective. As a result, it seems to be a more "real" account of war than most books that are coming out about Iraq. I was up half the night reading "Generation Kill", because I couldn't put the darn thing down. I have tremendous respect for the Marines profiled in this book.

Monday, June 21
Dawn Over Baghdad
Author: Karl Zinsmeister
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Linda: There are gobs of books coming out about the Iraq war and post-war, and not all of them are worth reading. This one is. Best part: Later in the book, where Karl goes in-depth on the damage done to soldiers by the incessantly negative news coverage.

Thursday, June 10
This Man's Army
Author: Andrew Exum
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Linda: This is a fast and fascinating read. I salute Andrew for his candor — he tells you the messy reality of what it's like in combat, so you can understand what our servicemen and women are REALLY going through.

Thursday, June 10
A Pretext For War
Author: James Bamford
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Linda: Bamford is openly anti-Bush, so know that going into this book. However, he also is considered credible by many folks in the intelligence community. What he says about the Iraq war is controversial — but the part of the book that interested me was about the moment-by-moment accounts of 9/11. I found out details I had never heard before.

Thursday, June 3
Father Joe
Author: Tony Hendra
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Linda: I'm leery of books that are preachy, so approached Tony's book with some trepidation. Until I started reading and reading and reading. He is a beautiful writer with a heartbreakingly wonderful story to tell. Father Joe sounds like he was surely an angel on Earth.

Thursday, June 3
More Than Money
Author: Neil Cavuto
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Linda: Neil Cavuto is one of the humblest people in television — thoughtful with all of us his colleagues. I know it was hard for him to be so revealing with me about his own struggles with cancer and MS — but his own determination and grace is an inspiration to us all. This book is truly uplifting.

Monday, May 10
The Importance Of Being Famous
Author: Maureen Orth
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Linda: A fascinating expose...

Monday, May 3
Letters to My Daughters
Author: Mary Matalin
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Linda: I really, really, REALLY loved this book. My copy has many pages dog-eared and underlined. I laughed out loud at some parts — and teared up at others. Bravo to Mary for writing it.

Friday, April 30
Cracking DaVinci's Code
Authors: James Garlow, Peter Jones
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Linda: If you liked The DaVinci Code, this book is well worth reading; to separate the fact from fiction.

Tuesday, April 27
So Many Enemies, So Little Time
Author: Elinor Burkett
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Linda: Elinor has amazing stories to tell. If you want to know what it's really like in the Islamic world, read this book. Her experiences as an eyewitness are riveting.