Thank You, Jacksonville

GOOD-bye Jacksonville (search) and what a great week it was for the city, the NFL and the "FOX & Friends" crew! Jacksonville's greatest asset is its people. After nine Super Bowls I feel like I can accurately assess the kindness and sincerity of a city and Jacksonville is simply without peer on both counts. I was asked countless times by residents how I like the city, what I had seen and many residents volunteered places to see and go. Although the weather was more like Scotland than Florida, game day saw nearly near perfect conditions.

Our crew of Ron Messer, Joe Kraus and Stephen Herzog worked around the clock and it really showed in the quality of guests and I hope in overall coverage quality! We had a lot of fun this trip, from Mongo's to Alltel Stadium (search). I will always remember the look of controlled horror on E.D.'s face as we surprised her with her brother and his family live on Friday's show, along with the blushing Juliet Huddy as we stunned her with a tour of her old station and old buddies. Although we already new she dated a lot and loves margaritas, it was good to know she did it in the 90s too!

Special thanks to the crew in New York for handling our work and giving us the time in the show. As for our guest list, few have been more valuable then FOX Sports anchor James Brown — not only doing our show Sunday, but Monday as well. This after 10 hours on the air. I was also privileged to have the exclusive interview with Presidents Bush and Clinton — truly a thrill prior to the game!

For the first time we introduced you to another loyal "FOX & Friends" supporter, Special Ops Captain John Rhodes. He served three tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq and has been e-mailing all about for a couple of years. He played a role again in Super Bowl security and joined us live on TV, now that he is out of the service. John also asked our viewers to keep his girlfriend in mind as she has been suffering with a brain disease and battling back from a coma. If you can help write to:

Tracy Dee Fund
P.O. Box 15581,
Sarasota, FL 15581

Finally, I'm once again going to Orlando on a mini-vacation. Hope to see you Wednesday at the Barnes and Noble for my book signing — check out for more information. Hopefully I will get along with all the Disney characters this time and I know I'll like Universal with my family.

Thanks Steve, E.D. and Kiran for doing so much from New York!


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