President's Plans: Rate the State

During the State of the Union (search) address, President Bush told the country that the economy is growing, the workforce is thriving and the United States is actively working for good throughout the world.

The president said Congress must work with the administration to make the economy grow, provide reliable energy, reduce junk lawsuits, improve student achievements, train more workers and strengthen health care. The largest element of Bush's agenda, however, is reform to the ailing Social Security (search) system.

President's plans: Rate the "State"

A sample of your responses:

I rated his speech an A+. He not only made me very proud to be an American but he took the bull by the horns and laid it out to Congress and all watching, the major problem (Social Security) and offered how to fix it. For years we have heard about the problem, but nobody dared to touch it for fear they would not be re-elected.
Patricia K.
Portland, NY

I get it: To join the Bush ownership, "let them eat cake" society, I must give one or two "young" family members to current or future Bush wars, give one or two "old" family members to support cuts in programs that keep them alive and "WE" solve the pesky retiree-to-worker ratio curing the Social Security crisis and balance the budget all at the same time.
Michael B.
Gulf Breeze, FL

The speech was powerful, concise, precise and specific. Not a lot of "pie in the sky" promises that will never come to fruition.
Scott S.
Sylvania, OH

I rate President Bush's "State of the Union" address at 100%! It was exactly what this Nation needed for this time, the next four years and for the future! It was great! Also, I was ashamed of the Democrats. The two speeches following the Union speech were pathetic... sore, sore losers and ALL with NO SOLUTIONS FOR ANYTHING!
Geraldine W.
Texico, NM

I'm not a Republican (but rather a 22 year-old Independent), but I do have to admit his State of the Union address was probably the best as of yet. I've been following the stories going into this and I must say; pitching Social Security modification to the people and skipping the partisan politics was the smartest thing he could've done.
Michael P.

For the first time since Ronald Reagon, I feel like we have a president who is a visionary and force for positive change in our world. This man, George W. Bush, obviously believes people are good and given the tools, they will make the right decision to further freedom and humanity. His view of the hard work our generations needs to do in this world was vindicated in Iraq last Sunday. When I hear George W. speak, I feel inspired with the positive world vision -- and "God bless the United States of America" always brings me to tears.
Excellent speech.
Juanita S.
Tucson, AZ

President Bush did an excellent job with the State of the Union speech. It was very clear and well defined, especially about Social Security. It was emotional near the end with the mother of the slain marine and the Iraqi voter. The only thing I didn't like about his speech was the part about the immigrant guest worker program. I give his speech a grade of A+.
Angel K.
Enterprise, AL

The President was clearly reaching out to the Left by laying out several options for fixing Social Security. It’s too bad that the Democrats want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend like we don’t have a problem just so they can play partisan politics.
Ron A.
Spotsylvania, VA

I believe that the President's State of The Union was an excellent speech. It was eloquently delivered and was right on target.
Joe B.
American Police Advisor
Konduz, Afghanistan

I thought the President's speech was brilliant. His agenda is tackling the difficult items that no other administration has dared embark upon, and the bottom line is this president means what he says and does what he says with courage.
Donna M.
Coral Springs, FL

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