Dr. Laura's Son to Join Special Forces

Dr. Laura Schlessinger (search), famous for doling out advice on her nationally syndicated call-in radio talk show, shared a little of her own personal life with U.S. Army reservists.

Schlessinger told some 300 people at a 425th Civil Affairs Battalion event on Saturday that her son, 19-year-old Deryk Bishop (search), will join the U.S. Special Forces (search) later this year — a mission that could take him to the Middle East.

Bishop, who enlisted last year, joined his mother on stage to explain his reasons for signing up. He told the crowd at the Calvary Chapel that he resented the way Americans criticize the war without recognizing soldiers' sacrifices — a theme echoed by his mother.

"Real people were fighting and I wanted to be part of that," Bishop said.

Schlessinger said she wasn't too worried about her son.

"I brought my son up to be a warrior," she said. "I feel sorry for the mothers of the bad guys. And I just have a good feeling."