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A heads-up about next week — I have to be out of town on a secret project(!) so I will not be hosting “DaySide” all week. I'll be back Monday Feb. 14. And I will reveal the secret project to you someday soon... In the meantime, here’s some follow-up on Friday's show.

Regarding the Florida couple wanted for torturing those five children, I pray that someone sees these sickos and calls the police. We'll stay on the case.

As for the Congresswoman who's wondering where are all those Hollywood activists (search) now that elections in Iraq have been successful...

Peter F. In Sprongfield, MA wrote this:

These Hollywood types were right about everything else with Iraq. They said we would not be greeted as liberators, that it would turn into street-to-street fighting, and that there were doubts about the existnce of WMD's.

Peter, there's no doubt this Administration has made some missteps. But do you honestly think any actor or actress had personal expertise when he or she opined about Iraq? Show me an actor who has studied in the Middle East (search) and I'll put him on the air.

As for debate on Social Security, I got some interesting comments:

When probing the partial privatization of Social Security, I wish the press would ask all the protesting Congressmen if they have investment accounts to help support them in their retirement or if they rely solely on Social Security. I think we all know the answer. Can people say 'double standard'? Currently Congressmen have 4 options for their retirement package!!!!!
— Peg A., Dewey, AZ

I also heard from a lot of you about the segment on people going bankrupt because of their medical bills — many folks sharing heartbreaking stories about how this has happened to them.

But as for the doctor who suggested we create a national healthcare system, well, not everyone concurred:

If [the doctor] looks around the world she would see how national health care works, the lines [people wait in] to have health care or surgery in Canada. History has proven (sic) that it does not work nearly as good as a free society. The problem is the lawyers, all the lawsuits. If we get these under control... We will get costs down.
— John

And finally, a “DaySide” viewer offered short-term help if you find yourself strapped by medical bills:

I have been in business helping individuals with their medical insurance paperwork for 23 years... With professional help many insurance benefits are paid that would otherwise be lost. Look in your local yellow pages under Insurance Claims for help.
— Linda Fitros, Hospitalization Assistance, Vermilion, OH

See you all soon—


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