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• Oil-for-Food Report

The eagerly anticipated first interim report on the United Nations' oil-for-food (search) scandal will be released today.

Investigator Paul Volker (search) gave us a preview of the findings in today's edition of the "Wall Street Journal" calling the program "tainted, unfunded and undermanned."

We'll get the latest from FNC Senior Correspondent Eric Shawn.

Plus, we'll talk with the Heritage Foundation's Nile Gardiner.

• What Will it Take to Capture Zarqawi?

Iraqi's interior minister says his country's security forces came very close to capturing terror chief Abu Musab Al Zarqawi... How did he get away? Could his capture be imminent?

We'll have the latest from FNC's Mike Tobin in Iraq and also our Pentagon correspondent Bret Baier.

Also, we'll be joined by former CIA operative Wayne Simmons and FOX News military analyst former U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Don Edwards for analysis.

• Girls Basketbrawl

First it was in the NBA... now a full blown brawl at a girls basketball game in Alabama. Police had to use tasers to get the situation under control... You won't believe this story!

These stories and much more don't miss this edition of "Studio B"!

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