Sunday, February 6 Edition

Wasting no time after unveiling his agenda for overhauling Social Security (search), President Bush was traveling to five states Thursday and Friday to promote the plan he outlined in his State of the Union address.

Traveling to North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Arkansas and Florida, Bush is making the case that personal savings accounts will allow young workers to get bigger returns on their payroll taxes than if they handed over the money to the government, which invests it in federally-backed guarantees that because of the lower risk have a lower rate of return.

The president is pushing his plan for Social Security reform. Is America listening? We'll get answers in an exclusive interview with Vice President Dick Cheney (search).

Plus, powerful political punditry on the president's ambitious second term agenda with Brit Hume, FOX News Washington managing editor, and FOX News contributors Mara Liasson of National Public Radio; Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard, and Juan Williams of National Public Radio.

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