Michael Lohan (search) wants alimony — from his movie-star daughter.

Teen queen Lindsay Lohan's (search) estranged and trouble-prone dad is suing his estranged wife, Dina, for half her cut of the starlet's earnings — amounting to $3 million a year.

Michael's celebrity divorce attorney, Dominic Barbara, claims Lindsay earns as much as $40 million a year in Hollywood and her mom gets 15 percent, of which his client is entitled to half.

He wants "to be supported from the earnings that Mrs. Lohan gets from Lindsay," Barbara said.

The announcement conflicts with Lohan's public statements that he does not want money from his famous 18-year-old daughter.

Dina filed for divorce from Mi chael in December after he was arrested several times, includ ing for assaulting her brother at a First Communion party in May.

Yesterday, Michael Lohan and Barbara declared war on Dina, vowing to make the di vorce process difficult for her and their four children.

"I tried to do this amicably," papa Lohan said. "I didn't want this to happen. I didn't want to drag the kids through the mud."

"Dina, you did this," he told the news cameras. He then warned her that she would be surprised how much his lawyer knew about her private life.

"We have no other choice. The truth is going to come out," he said.

He refused to elaborate.

A court has issued 14 orders of protection against Michael Lohan, which prohibit him from approaching Dina, Lindsay, their other children and family members. He pleaded guilty in December to attempted assault and harassment, and was ordered into rehab.

Barbara claimed that Dina's divorce lawyer refused to talk to him in an effort to arrange an amicable divorce that would not damage Lindsay Lohan's movie career.

Barbara claimed his client was drug- and alcohol-free and produced a December test result to back it up. The authenticity of the testing could not be confirmed.

Lohan's publicist did not comment, but Dan Klores, spokesman for Dina Lohan, did.

"There is no point in dignifying the desires of a convicted felon, whom the court has already ordered to stay away from his own children and wife," Klores said.

Barbara said his client and his estranged wife, of Merrick, were co-architects of their daughter's film career, which began with the Disney flick "The Parent Trap" and reached stardom in "Freaky Friday."

Jay Lavely, Dina and Lindsay's lawyer, said the star does not make $40 million a year.

"That number is so absurd, completely over the top — he's just picking a number," Lavely said.

He added that Michael had nothing to do with Lindsay's success.

Meanwhile, a little fender-bender came back to haunt Lindsay yesterday when two men sued her for the "pain, discomfort and physical disability" they claim they've suffered since the Aug. 3 accident.

Eddie Pamilton and Ilex Harris are seeking unspecified property damages, medical expenses and compensation for lost income due to what they claim is impaired earning capacity since her car struck Pamilton's on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, according to the suit.

Again, Lohan's publicist remained mute.