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• State of the Union Preview

President Bush is putting the final touches on tonight's State of the Union address. The president is expected to devote the first half of what's expected to be a 40 minute speech to his domestic agenda and the second half to international affairs.

Bush will devote the first half of his 40 minute speech to domestic matters and the second half to international issues.

We'll get the latest from FNC's James Rosen who is at the White House.

Plus, FNC's Washington Managing Editor and the host of "Special Report" Brit Hume will be here with a preview of the speech.

Watch President Bush's State of the Union address LIVE at 9 p.m. ET tonight on FNC!

• Pope Recovering

The Vatican said today that Pope John Paul II (search) will continue to spend a few more days in the hospital after recovering from the flu. The 84-year-old pontiff had a restful night and his condition has stabilized after he was rushed to a hospital with breathing trouble yesterday.

But is the Vatican telling the world the whole story? We'll ask former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Raymond Flynn.

• Iraq Update

Just three days after Iraq's historic election some Iraqi Sunnis are saying that Sunday's vote was bogus. We'll find out why when we talk with FNC's Dana Lewis live from Baghdad.

• American Girl Controversy

The famous American girl dolls are beloved by millions of girls. But now there's controversy in Chicago surrounding a special edition of an American Girl doll named Marisol Luna. Why?

We'll go live to Chicago and our own Jeff Goldblatt for the answer.

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