Small Things

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Feb. 2, 2005 9:21 a.m.

There is a way to roll an audio cable. I didn't know that, standing in the Kremlin, after the reporters interviewed Gorbachev. I was just trying to help a fixer, trying to pull cable, but a shooter let me know that I was making things worse.

You can reach under with your left hand and loop it when you make each roll so it won't tangle. It is a calming thing to do after the work is over. Roll it up, loop after loop, and tie it off with velcro. Sometimes a shooter will look at you, see the hand twirl, and nod, or at least leave you alone.


I returned to two more martial arts schools in Knoxville in an attempt to find one for my niece. I park a distance from the school. I walk in and stand there. I had hopes for the first one, which looked orderly. Two kids were teaching, instead of the head teacher. The one who talked looked down with a bent neck. He liked to boss. The parents were in metal chairs next to the mat. They were drinking coffee and talking, heads turned sideways to talk to each other while the class was going on. I stood and looked at the parents, waiting for the bamboo stick that never came. I left.

There was one left on my list. Everything was in order. A glass window separated the parents from the mat. It was a few minutes before class. The head teacher noticed a newcomer standing up behind the chairs. He came over and shook hands, and looked in the face. He taught himself. His uniform was pressed. He had the kids do some running games first and only then had them line up. This might be good.

Small things that no one sees, that don't matter to anyone. I once saw a martial arts teacher teach a children's class. One student showed up, one little boy. The teacher taught the same, as if he was teaching the Korean Olympic team, as if he was preparing 5,000 black belts for a demonstration in front of the U.S. President. No one was there, no parents watching, it didn't matter to anyone.

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I read your article about the Baghdad "fixer" with great interest. Thank you for interviewing the everyday people in Iraq and letting us know how they feel. I am so thankful they got to
vote for their first time Free!!! I know you risk your life being in Iraq, and I will pray for your safety. My husband and I watch Fox News 99% of the time. The other cable news channels
just don't compare! Thanks again!

— Sharon (Dothan, AL)

Dear Mr. Harrigan (Steve),

I can relate to your search for a good martial arts instructor. The first school I scoped out had the right attitude, but a tendency to promote to ensure "no hard feelings." The second one was instructed by a man who liked to belittle students for imperfections as if it would make them work harder. Like the third bowl of porridge, the third school was just right.

Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog and hope you remain safe no matter where your travels lead you.

— Gena (California, PA)

Dear Fox News:

I just saw Steve Harrigan on "The O'Reilly Factor." He was commenting on the upcoming election in Iraq. I was extremely impressed with his no-nonsense reporting. It was refreshing to see. We need more reporters like him. I could see the intensity, honesty, and passion in him. I've never written anything like this before but after seeing him I just had to send in this e-mail. Whatever you are paying him, he deserves every penny and more!

Bob Cook

I just watched your interview of Steve Harrigan on "The Factor" this evening. His visible emotion regarding the dangers faced by Iraqi citizens and journalists was very telling. Mr. Harrigan did more to "cover the story" in Iraq during those few moments than all the network news blabber combined. Bravo!
— Steve (Independence, MO)

Dear Steve,

I watched you today on "FOX and Friends" as well as "The Factor" with Mr. O'Reilly.

I have enjoyed your reporting for the past two years. I just wanted to tell you how moved I was by your honest report of the upcoming elections. I wish more people would have told us what REALLY to expect on Sunday. PLEASE take care of you!! We need truth-bearers.

— Dawn (Washington, NJ)

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There isn't anyone who can bring us the news out of Iraq like you do. I was surprised to see you on FOX this morning and I hope it is your choice not be in Iraq at this historical time. You certainly have played a major part in the history of this war. Thanks for doing such a good job keeping us informed. Stay safe. Karen

I am a former Marine Corps Officer and my son is an active duty Marine on an Abrahms tank crew who rotates to Iraq within 45 days.

It is these people he will be fighting for. Thank you

— John

I caught you this AM on "FOX and Friends," which quite frankly, I rarely watch. I appreciated your frankness and honesty as you tried to paint an accurate picture of the situation. And I really laughed at your "lawyer" comment to Kilmeade. Good one. Stay safe.

— Steve (Glen Burnie, MD)

Just got finished watching you on "FOX & Friends." Glad to see you safe and sound. I really appreciate your bluntness! Will look forward to your future blogs when you go to the Congo. Are you going back to Baghdad?

— Barb (Fort Worth, TX)

I love reading your blogs. I am an avid FOX News fan. You are my favorite reporter, although I have missed seing you on TV for a while. I really enjoyed your coverage of the Afghanistan War. I go to the FOX News Website several times a day. I love reading about what you have been doing. Thanks for sharing with us. It gives me an insight into what a reporter's lifestyle might be like. I have a question. Are you from Knoxville? I am a native Tennessean. I love my home state, especially UT football.

Take care and thanks for keeping up your articles. Keep them coming.

— Suzanne

Harrigan, YOU are CRAZY! You are my most admired correspondent of a group of many men and women who will give it all for the best coverage of the biggest story of the moment. I guess my concern ya gonna top what you have given us in the past couple of years in Afghanistan and Iraq when it is all over, how are you gonna fill your day? I worry for you, I wish you well...

— Gary

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