Let's Talk Dynasties

Let's talk dynasties.

There's lots of chatter about the dynastic character of the American presidency. After all, a son — George W. Bush (search) — is now in the White House, less than a decade after the father — George H. Bush — moved out. And a brother to the son who followed the father, is waiting in the wings. And, believe it or not, brother Jeb is the one the family always thought would be presidential timber.

Then there's George P. Bush (search) — the next generation of the family now in the White House. The young man who has the famous presidential name and looks like Julio Iglesias, is thought to be a real hottie for the next generation.

So, that's the Bush situation. What about the Clintons?

As the girl says in the "Bourne Supremacy" movie says, "You want the scary version?"

Here we have Hillary Clinton getting all teed up to run for president in '08 and make Howard Dean a total irrelevancy. And her husband — the former president — he's about to take over the United Nations.

Kofi Annan (search), who can't seem to tell when a guy wants his job, has named Bill Clinton tsunami high commissioner. This is one short step to secretary general.

Bill would be just the guy for the 190 nations who mistrust the United States. After all, he was the president they say they loved. They didn't really, but when Bush came along they found they really did love bubba after all.

He speaks "international" so well. They positively swoon. And he's going to end up secretary general. You watch.

Bill and Hillary have big dreams. He'll be running the world from the tower on the East River and she'll be running the world from the White House.

If the U.N. is ticked at the U.S., he'll be able to get right through. If she gets annoyed because some country nobody has ever heard of is complaining about her bombing someplace, or another — she will be very hawkish, I predict — then she will call him and tell him to go on down to the General Assembly and restore order.

In the corporate world, they call it synergy. In the Clinton world, it's Two-for-One, Part D'uh.

That's My Word.

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