Feb. 2, 2005

Behind the Scenes --


Joe Theisman made his maiden appearance on the show, and did great. The former quarterback talked about the elections in Iraq, the dangers of an enlarged prostate (something of interest to guys of, how shall I put it, my vintage) and the upcoming Super Bowl. He’s welcome back anytime.

Dr. James Dobson also called in to talk about the State of the Union address and the coming political fisticuffs over judges, courtrooms, schools and the virtues that serve as America’s bedrock. Dobson made it clear that he’s ready to train his considerable energy and clout on the confirmation of federal judges and eventually, Supreme Court Justices nominated by George W. Bush.

And finally, I began to lay out my view on immigration (to the consternation of some listeners, to the relief of others). Everyone who cares about the issue ought to keep tuning in. We haven’t given the final word on the subject. In fact, the debate has only just begun!

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