Helms Cites Clinton, U.N. in Fund-Raising Letter

Former U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms (search) is raising funds for his senatorial library by raising fears among conservatives that former President Bill Clinton (search) may be the next secretary general at the United Nations.

In a letter to his backers, the 83-year-old Republican said he worries that the former president has aspirations to lead the United Nations (search) after Kofi Annan retires next year.

Clinton hasn't said anything publicly about aspiring to the U.N. post.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the letter from the president of the Jesse Helms Center (search).

Helms told backers they would agree that "putting a left-wing, undisciplined and ethically challenged former president of the United States into a position of such power would be a tragic mistake."

He said conservatives can't afford to sit back and allow Clinton a chance to "corrupt the rest of the world and impose 'global taxation' on our families."