A Despicable Crime

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We've got a busy hour planned for Wednesday, including a profile of the 25 most influential evangelical Christians (search) in America (they're profiled in the new edition of Time magazine). One of them is attorney Jay Sekulow (search), who'll be with us live.

We'll also talk some politics, since it's the State of the Union (search) address. In the meantime, here are some of your comments on two of the controversies we covered today. First, on Colorado University professor Ward Churchill (search):

E-mail No. 1:

It's tough to keep an open mind when one comes across comment's like Ward Churchill's…it's an appalling thought that someone who happened to go to work deserved to die because they were part of the "mighty engine of profit." Tell that to the families of the firemen, policemen and other rescue workers that perished.

E-mail No. 2:

Prince Harry showed up at a party wearing a Nazi symbol…everyone was saying how he should apologize…Now we have a Professor that likens the victims of 911 to the Nazi's and everyone rallies to his side saying he has a right under the 1st amendment to make such claims! GO FIGURE!!
—Lori Picillo
Saint Louis, MO

E-mail No. 3:

Ward Churchill's ideas are repulsive. But, our soldiers are fighting overseas for freedom there and here. The first amendment is here to protect the speech we find abhorrent and the ideas that are least popular. He has a right to say it. We have a right not to listen.
—Corey Deitz

E-mail No. 4:

I would like to call on all parents supporting that school to bombard the school officials with mail, email and threats of withdrawal of students if something is not done…I think we'd quickly see that the officials would find some way to get rid of this seditious malcontent.
—Jeffrey Watson

And about that Internet child porn case, in which dozens of men have been arrested for trading video of a five-year-old being raped, first a personal note — I cannot think of a crime more despicable — when I heard about this case, I was so filled with rage I could not speak. Now, your e-mails:

E-mail No. 5:

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and child pornography viewing… If someone inadvertently downloads child porn off the Internet, please report it to your local authorities as soon as it happens, for the sake of all the children out there who have been victimized by this sick and perverted practice.
—Mary Alfrey
Morehead, Kentucky

E-mail No. 6:

When an "inadvertent" download occurs, it is the responsibility of the person to notify their ISP. This had actually occurred with my father. He was doing an Internet search for Barbie dolls …The link ended up taking him to a child pornography site. He IMMEDIATELY logged off the computer, and contacted his ISP. No criminal actions were ever taken against him.
Norfolk, Virginia

E-mail No. 7:

The Accidental Pervert? How can any professional person in their right mind NOT realize…smut is smut… I don't worry about older folks who should know better, but I do worry about young people who are not being adequately protected from this garbage…Pornography is a dark underworld, which no one should enter.
—T Endicott
Burke, Virginia

E-mail No. 8:

We have a free will to choose or not to choose something in life. These folks…might be facing the consequences. I used to work in a prison ministry and I really pity these folks if they get time. Because what they face inside for harming or preying on children pales what they are going to face now and in their communities.
—Andy Avery
Memphis, Tennessee

BTW, I have to be out Wednesday, but I'm back on Thursday. See you then!


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