Banning Bible Class, Inclusion Alert

The Washington Post reports that a group of parents in rural Virginia are attempting to shut down a 65-year-old, off-campus religion class for public school students because they say it stigmatizes students who don't attend.

The weekly Bible (search) classes in Staunton, which are held at a church near the elementary school there in the middle of the school day, are attended by 80 to 85 percent of the first-, second- and third-graders in the district.

But a small minority of parents doesn't like the classes, calling them an inappropriate Christian outreach program, so they want the school board to put an end to the program for everyone.

Hate Mongering?

A Florida resident who runs a Web site that allows people to report violations of immigration law is being accused of fomenting racial hatred, reports KVOA-TV in Tucson.

Florida resident David Caulkett runs the site. It allows viewers to report what they think might be violators, information that is then passed on to the appropriate legal authorities.

Caulkett says he created it because, "I became rather upset about the nonenforcement of immigration laws."

But Jesus Romo, a Tucson (search) civil rights attorney and activist, says the site "promotes hatred" and is racist.

Inclusion Alert

A small town in Florida is re-examining its city logo because the two Confederate soldiers and the Confederate flag they are holding on it is not "inclusive of all the citizens" in town, reports Hernando Today.

A city councilman in the town of Brooksville north of Tampa, Frankie Burnett, says the logo is racist because of the tiny flag in the center.

The logo shows an American flag on one side and the state flag of Florida on the other. At the top of the logo is an eagle and at the bottom are two busts of Hernando Desoto and a Seminole Indian. In the middle are renderings of the county courthouse, a map of the state of Florida and two soldiers carrying the battle flag.

More Freaking Over That Flag

A columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says a man in Pennsylvania has no right to fly a Confederate flag in the back window of his private vehicle because it is "an in-your-face expression of support for a white supremacist regime."

Columnist Mike Seate says the construction worker's display is "a cowardly way of intimidating blacks, a means of saying 'You were better off as slaves.'"

Seate admits that employers have no legal authority over how employees choose to decorate their personal vehicles, but clearly hopes that by browbeating the company with his column, Acorn Hill Contracting, he can intimidate the man into removing the display.

For more doses of politically correct nuttiness, head on over to the TongueTied daily edition.


Mike L. writes:

The man in Italy did assault the woman on the phone. Period. This is not nuttiness. Where in the world is it writtin that it is OK to walk by someone on the phone and put your hands on their bodies? You are off-base here. What if you were standing on the sidewalk and someone came by and put a hand on your crotch? Would you be angry or thank them?

John A. writes:

I have seen the quiz that seems to have offended the man in West Virginia. The real interesting thing is the questions refer to real events which were performed in each case by Muslims, therefore the man in West Virginia was offended by the truth. When the historic truth is offensive and people feel that it must be buried, not discussed, and ignored, it is at this point we are destined to continue to repeat history.

I am offended by the man in West Virginia because hewants to bury the truth and I would like a letter of apology.

Tim D. writes:

Okay, I'm not the swiftest bunny in the wild, but I fail to understand how it is overly PC because a Nashville woman was forced to eschew stereotyping groups while at work. To say the least, this is crass and sophomoric. In addition, she was on the tax payers' dime. I could care less what people think or do while at leisure. I am sure that it was office policy not to forward chain email anyway.

Sigmund M. writes:

I am sure your reports are true and accurate but I often feel when reading them that the items are a spoof---they are so outlandish--it is actually sad that these things go on. Reminds me of many years ago in the Army when we used to refer to such counterproductive occurrences as "pimples on the ass of progress"

Britney F. writes:

If you want some cases of "modern racism" you have just to type "French/France Gibson/Oreilly" into the Fox News site’s search engine.

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