Whirlwind Tour

For those of you who think I am way, way too predictable with my constant Euro bashing — hang on to your hat, because President Bush (search) is off to Europe, so get ready for a fresh round.

In preparation, let's talk about Condoleezza Rice's (search) trip to see the Euros in advance of the president's trip.

This is how it goes: She leaves Thursday, straight to London. Friday morning meetings in London, then on to Berlin

Saturday meetings in Berlin, in Warsaw, Poland and Ankara, Turkey — three meetings, three countries, one day.

Sunday meetings an Ankara, then off to Tel Aviv and overnight in Jerusalem. So from the biggest Muslim democracy — Turkey — to the Jewish democracy, Israel.

Monday she's in Jerusalem, the West Bank, then late in the day off to Rome.

Tuesday morning meetings in Rome and off to an afternoon speech in Paris. She overnights in Paris, then Wednesday, a quick meeting with the French then off to Brussels and Luxembourg.

Next day, a quick meeting with the Luxembourg-ians and then back to Washington D.C.

So 10 days, 10 countries — if you count the Palestinian Authority.

Now, these people are mad at us — most of them anyway. Getting half a day with the secretary of state is probably not going to mollify them. The French have enough complaining to last a month, and Lord knows the bureaucrats of Brussels could go on for weeks and weeks. They'll probably be insulted and say they're insulted to get such quick treatment.

Then Bush is going to come along behind her and they're going to expect him to be tugging at his forelock and saying, "Oh kindly Master Sophisticate, who lives in a great capital of the Old World, I am but a lowly colonial come for some education." And he won't say that of course.

So then they'll be insulted that for all their brilliance and understanding of the world — the Americans just won't listen.

Mark my words, these are people who know how to be condescending and superior and they will not disappoint. I promise.

That's My Word.

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