Topics and Guests for January 28

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Across Iraq, U.S. and Iraqi troops are working to secure the nation for its first free elections (search) in over five decades. But are there enough in place for the mission to succeed? That's the big question for Togo West, former secretary of the Army.

Iraqi citizens living around the world are already casting ballots. Former vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp weighs in.

John Kerry rips President Bush's health care policy. Ted Kennedy says the president's Iraq plan has been a catastrophic failure. This is the same stuff they were saying before Kerry lost the election. Is anyone listening now? That's the big question for Democratic strategist Michael Brown and Republican strategist Tucker Eskew.

It's an emotional experience for Iraqi-Americans — voting in their homeland's first real election in 50 years. Heather Nauert examines how the State Fepartment is helping to facilitate the election with Michael Kozak, an acting assistant secretary of state.

Could a bunch of dirty magazines do in Michael Jackson? We'll get the legal lowdown with FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

And, are college students becoming more conservative? We'll ask Brian Anderson, author of the up-coming book "South Park Conservatives."

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Sunday, January 30

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