Zarqawi Group Takes Violence Credit

A Web site statement purportedly from insurgency leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's (search) group claimed responsibility Sunday for at least four attacks on polling centers across Iraq.

The group, Al Qaeda in Iraq (search), said its "lions" attacked at least four voting centers in Baghdad, including one in the upscale Mansour neighborhood.

The statement's authenticity could not immediately be verified. It was posted on a Web site noted for carrying militant messages and it was purportedly issued in the name of the group's media coordinator, Abu Maysarah al-Iraqi.

The group claimed to have killed "police, national guards and Americans," without giving specifics. It also claimed responsibility for an attack on the Green Zone (search), the fortified Baghdad enclave holding the U.S. Embassy and Iraqi government buildings, which it called the "Black Zone."

The group also said it was active in the cities of Mosul, Samarra and Baqouba as well as the Anbar province.