Possibly Malicious Plowing

A Michigan college student is accusing a snowplow driver of deliberately burying her car.

As last weekend's major snowstorm moved into lower Michigan on the evening of Friday, Jan. 21, Kayla Hartford parked her SUV outside the Eastern Plaza shopping center in Ypsilanti, the Ann Arbor News reports.

Not wanting to drive home in the blizzard, the Eastern Michigan University (search) student decided to leave her car in the parking lot overnight.

The next morning, after the weather had cleared, Hartford came back to get it.

The parking lot was neatly plowed — but her SUV had been completely buried under a huge mound of snow.

Only the roof ski rack was visible.

Hartford said she promptly bought $40 worth of shovels and rounded up some friends to get the car out.

But after they'd succeeded, she told the newspaper, the SUV was found to have incurred about $2,000 in damage from the compressed snow.

The self-employed snowplow driver who plowed the parking lot swears he wasn't being malicious.

"It was unintentional. Her car was just in a spot where the snow ends up at. There was no other place to put it," John Arms said.

"If I wanted to bury her car, she wouldn't have seen it," he added.

Hartford disagrees, and has filed a police report. She admits it was illegal to park in the mall lot after the shops had closed, but points out that she was in a regular parking spot.

"He should have had me towed," instead of burying her car, she said.

Debbie Dalian, a worker at the shopping-center Subway restaurant, said she saw the snowplow burying Hartford's car deliberately.

"It was very bad," Dalian told the newspaper. "That was a horrible thing to do."

Drive-Thru Strip Club Posted on eBay

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The owner of what's billed as the world's only drive-thru strip club is selling it on the Internet.

Bidding for the Climax Gentleman's Club (search) opened at $299,000 this week on the auction site eBay.

It is "available at auction to anyone who has it made and would enjoy owning the world's ultimate BOYTOY," the listing says. "Whiners, fault finders and complainers need not respond."

Nick Fratangelo said the club's been a fun run, but it's time to cash in.

"I'm done making my mark in life after all I've done. Let somebody else have the fame, the enjoyment and the fortune," Fratangelo, 54, said Thursday.

The drive-through club opened in Salem Township, Westmoreland County, about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, in spring 2000 and soon drew worldwide attention. Its eBay listing notes the club has been mentioned in everything from magazines to Trivial Pursuit (search).

"He's always been able to come up with a novel approach to nudity," said attorney David Millstein.

The drive-through club will remain in business at least until it's sold, Fratangelo said.

For $10, a driver can watch from the car as a nude woman dances from inside an enclosed booth. Carloads of two or more people pay $20.

"You're always guaranteed at least 10 minutes. But we're very flexible," Fratangelo said. "It depends on how many cars are backed up behind you."

Fratangelo's not saying how little he'll accept.

"Let the world tell me what its worth," he said, adding he listed on eBay because of its reach.

"I think every man should own a strip club in his life, or retire to one anyway, like I seem to be doing," he said.

— Thanks to Out There reader Patrick M.

College Party Re-Enacts Raunchy Movie Scene

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — In what police say was an homage to the movie "Old School," partying Duke University (search) students were found in a fraternity house basement with an inflatable pool, a whole lot of baby oil and women in bikinis.

Police came upon the scene early Sunday after responding to a noise complaint.

"Inside were several of America's future, re-enacting a scene from the movie 'Old School,' where females wrestle in a pool of lubricants," police Sgt. D. Gunter said. In their version, the Duke students apparently opted for baby oil.

Officers said they cleared the house of the 200 revelers, sending some of the women home in the subfreezing temperatures in nothing more than the bikinis they wore.

Nicholas Hunter Roberts, who lives at the address, was charged with violating the city's noise ordinance, a misdemeanor that carries a $150 fine.

There has been ongoing tension between students and residents of the neighborhoods that adjoin Duke's East Campus. Other weekend parties in the area resulted in noise ordinance charges and a marijuana possession charge.

Naked Jogger Convicted

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A judge has put an end to a man's naked neighborhood jaunts.

Fate Patterson, 39, was convicted Wednesday of indecent exposure, fleeing and resisting arrest.

As earlier reported in Out There, police had received reports for several months from a West Memphis, Ark., neighborhood of a man jogging in the nude before they arrested Patterson on Jan. 11, an unseasonably warm day.

Officers said they saw Patterson jogging naked from the waist down and ordered him to stop. When he kept running, officers used a stun gun to end the pursuit of the pantless perpetrator.

Patterson was supposed to have a mental evaluation, but Municipal Court Judge William P. Rainey canceled it when Patterson admitted he entered a Florida woman's home naked two years ago.

"I don't need a mental health evaluation," Rainey said. "He's not crazy. He knows exactly what he's doing."

The judge sentenced Patterson to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Cops Get Naked on the Job

HOUSTON (AP) — Some suspects in prostitution investigations are confronting naked justice.

A prosecutor says police are now allowed to undress in an effort to persuade suspected prostitutes to negotiate sex acts.

During a four-month sting operation that ended with 56 arrests in November, some undercover vice officers dropped their covers altogether.

"Someone had to do something to shut these places down," said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Ted Wilson. "It was just so widespread. It had almost gotten in your face."

Wilson said Police Chief Harold Hurtt has changed a long-standing, unwritten department policy to allow undercover vice officers to disrobe in such cases.

But Hurtt and other Houston police officials declined to discuss the new policy.

"I'm not going to comment about the strategies and tactics that we use," said Hurtt last week.

The Houston Police Department (search) has stepped up efforts to crack down on the local "spa scene." Besides the new policy, authorities are using organized-crime charges to prosecute owners and operators of prostitution businesses.

Town Not Thrilled About 'Whorehouse Days'

GILBERT, Minn. (AP) — Promoting this town's proud history is one thing. Naming the town's festival Gilbert Whorehouse Days is another thing entirely.

A group of angry citizens showed up at a City Council meeting Tuesday to protest the event. The festival's name refers to a time when Gilbert was known for its bars, gambling and "working girls" during Prohibition.

"The damage has been done," resident Fran Marolt said. "This is not a family-oriented activity."

The event doesn't include any of the activities that gave the festival its name, but City Council members still don't approve.

"It would give us a black eye," City Council member Dan Berry said.

Organizers say the festival — and its name — are meant to bring back a part of history.

The festival is planned for two days in July and includes a car show, antique fair and bank robbery reenactment.

"We feel it's got some power to it," said organizer Lynn Sausman, who's lived in Gilbert for 35 years. "Gilbert has been widely documented to be the biggest red light district on the Iron Range."

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