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Shepard Smith is LIVE from Baghdad all week as we countdown to the Iraqi elections on Sunday, January 30.

Iraq Violence

With the upcoming Iraqi elections just three days away more violence erupted in the country today. Eleven Iraqis and one U.S. Marine were killed today as insurgents clashed with U.S. troops and blew up a school slated to serve as a polling center. Today's pre-election violence followed the deadliest day for U.S. troops since the war's start. Another U.S. soldier also died in an accident.

We'll have LIVE Team FOX coverage of today's latest violence.

• Countdown to Election Day

While Sunday's election date looms for all Iraqis the results of the election may not be known for weeks! We'll explain why determining the results of the election will not come quickly.

• Reconstruction of Iraq

How are conditions in Iraq improving? How are reconstruction efforts progessing? We'll get an inside look at the reconstruction plans when Shepard talks with Brig. Gen. Thomas Bostick. The general is the commander of the Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region and is in charge of the reconstruction efforts.

• Rice Gets to Work

We'll tell you about the first day on the job for the our new Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (search) and what she told her new colleagues when she spoke to them this morning.

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