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Shepard Smith is LIVE from Baghdad all week as we countdown to the Iraqi elections on Sunday, January 30.

Chopper Crash

A U.S. Marine helicopter transporting troops crashed today in the desert of western Iraq (search), killing 31 people in the single deadliest incident for U.S. troops there since the war began.

A top U.S. general said there was severe weather at the site of the crash and no reports on enemy fire. An investigation is under way.

We'll have the latest on the crash which one U.S. military spokesman says there were no reports of enemy fire in the area when FNC's Mike Tobin joins us.

• Four Days Until Election Day

The chopper crash comes as Iraqi prepare for election day. How big will the turnout be on Sunday? President Bush answered that question today in a news conference. We'll tell you what he said.

Also, terrorists have issued a warning to would-be Iraqi voters urging them to stay away from the polls. In a statement published on a Web site believed to be connected to Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorists call the election "fraudulent" and threaten to harm anyone taking part in it.

We'll get a live report from FNC's own Dana Lewis about the latest terror threats.

• Ambassador John Negroponte

We get a first-hand look at the preparations and high hopes for election day in Iraq when Shep talks with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte (search).

• Deadly California Train Crash

At least ten people were killed in a pre-rush hour, multi-train collision in the Los Angeles area this morning. The crash has been blamed on an SUV abandoned on the railroad tracks. The individual who left the Jeep Cherokee parked on the tracks in the suburb of Glendale (search) apparently abandoned his vehicle as a deliberate act. Eighty-nine people have taken to area hospitals, while 88 others were treated on the scene.

"This is a complete outrage as far as transportation safety is concerned," Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca (search) said. "The people riding these trains deserve better," he said angrily, speculating the person who left the car on the tracks knew the trains were coming.

Was the car left on the tracks in a failed suicide attempt? We'll have the latest on this developing story.

• Security Forces Training

The training of security forces is an urgent priority in the new Iraq. Shepard brings us an inside look at that training when talks with U.S. Army Green Beret Col. James Coffman who is currently serving as an adviser for Iraqi Police Commando units with the multinational Security Transition Command.

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