We Report. You Decide.

Hi all,

“DaySide” viewer Bruce Williams e-mailed me about the California college professor who flunked his Muslim student for a pro-American essay, then told him to seek psychotherapy.

Says Bruce:

"Why don't you let us decide if that professor was out of line? Post the exam discussion question and the student's written answer on your website. You report we decide, right?"

Absolutely right, Bruce. The essay question and answer are now posted on the "DaySide" Web page (scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Tuesday Show Follow-Up section). Thanks to all of you who sent in your own accounts of bias at other colleges. Seems Ahmed is not alone. We're going to stay on this story.

As for Thursday, we're planning to cover Iraq pretty heavily — as you saw on Wednesday's show, the violence is intensifying as each day gets us closer to the elections.

Also, terror expert Harvey Kushner (search) will be here.

See you on the air—


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