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Shepard Smith is LIVE from Baghdad all week as we countdown to the Iraqi elections on Sunday, January 30.

Election Day Worries: How safe is Iraq for those who hope to go to the polls on Sunday? And what about new threats on audiotape from the purported head of the Iraqi insurgency?

We'll have Team FOX coverage including reports from our own Bret Baier at the Pentagon and Mike Tobin who joins Shep in Iraq.

Plus, we'll talk with former U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Erv Lessel who currently a spokesman for the multinational force in Iraq.

• Wicked Weather: It was one of the biggest blizzards to hit the Northeast during the month of January in the last 100 years! We'll get a report from Jamie Colby in hard hit Massachusetts where some Bay Staters saw up to three feet of snow!

• Supreme Court Decision: The Supreme Court has cleared the way for the husband of Terri Schiavo to die. The Justices of the court have refused to reinstate a Florida order that kept the brain damaged woman on a feeding tube. Although Schiavo can breathe on her own she depends on the feeding tube to stay alive. We'll have the latest on this developing story.

• Bin Laden Bounty: Is the Bush administration about to raise the cash reward for the capture of terror mastermind Usama bin Laden to $50 million?! In this week's edition "Time" magazine is reporting that the State Department has plans to increase the bounty placed on Bin Laden. We'll talk with "Time" Washington Correspondent Tim Burger.

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