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A car bomb explodes outside a Shi'ite mosque in Baghdad (search), as the faithful were celebrating one of Islam's most important holidays. At least 14 people are dead and dozens more are hurt. We'll get a live report from FOX News' Dana Lewis .

Plus, as Iraq's elections fast approach, how much more violent can the terrorists get? We'll ask Christopher Preble , director of foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute.

The city of Boston boosts security after the FBI warns that a group of 16 people may be planning an attack there. We'll get the details from terrorism analyst Harvey Kushner , author of "Holy War on the Home Front."

A body discovered Friday in Stanton, Texas, is that of Megan Leann Holden (search), who was reported missing Thursday morning after she failed to come home from her shift at the Tyler Wal-Mart, police confirmed. Rod Wheeler , former Washington, D.C., homicide investigator, weighs in.

A winter storm is set to dump several inches of snow across the Midwest Friday and several more along the East Coast this weekend. We'll get a lowdown from FOXcaster Janice Dean .

And, attorneys defending Michael Jackson in his child molestation case want the accuser and his family referred to in court by their names or as "complaining witnesses" — not as "victims." Will a judge grant their request? Craig Mitnick , criminal defense attorney and FOX News' contributor, goes Before the Bench.

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