Silence Is Deafening

Even in a den of sinners there is the occasional saint.

I refer to The Guardian (search) newspaper of Great Britain which has been a U.S. and Bush-basher of the first order for years now.

But writing Monday in The Guardian, William Shawcross asks a question I've been asking for months: Blair is right, he says, so why aren't "small D" democrats backing these Iraqi elections?

Shawcross calls the situation in Iraq just what it is really: A war against the Iraqi people by these so-called insurgents. Today comes confirmation from al-Zarqawi (search) himself, declaring war on the election and voters themselves. He only cares a little about the Americans now — it's the Iraqis he wants to kill.

Shawcross points out that a recent capture of a Baathist leader produced firsthand testimony that Saddam-istas were running this insurgency out of Syria — a safe zone, where they could funnel Syrian and Iranian money into bombings and beheadings. And Shawcross is rightly awestruck by the determination of the Iraqi people to brave these attacks and go out to vote.

But he wonders: Where is the support from the left in Britain, from the French, from the Germans, from the rest of the world that darn well got motivated when the problem was a tsunami, but seems to sit on their hands not quite knowing what to do when there is an Iraqi election under assault by the same people who enslaved Iraq for 30 years?

The Spaniards ran from Iraq when they got a few bombs on a train, so they would hardly be good candidates for standing up and saying to the Iraqis, "You hang in there, don't let the bastards win."

But as for the others, the silence we are hearing — the complete lack of condemnation for these so-called insurgent attacks — is a product of people all over Europe and the Arab world being so ticked off at Bush and the Americans they cannot bring themselves to support a good thing — elections — if Bush and America are the ones behind it.

But, hooray for Shawcross anyway. At least his head is screwed on right.

That's My Word.

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