Opinion: Iraqi Election Countdown

On January 30, 2005 the Iraqi people will go to the polls in their first open, legislative elections in over 50 years. But with doomsters predicting a bloodbath and boycott, what's really going on? FOX Fan went to the experts for answers.

Pros and Cons
Former Moroccan ambassador Marc Ginsberg breaks it down for FOX Fans.

Naysayers Predict Disaster, But...
Iranian author and Mideast relations expert Amir Taheri says, "Show me the evidence."

Col. Ollie North:
The election sends a signal to citizens of the region that a democratic government can exist and thrive in the Mideast.

Who Can Steal the Outcome?
The Sunnis? The Saudis? The Iranians? FNC's Alireza Jefarzadeh weighs in.

Elections and WMDs?
FNC contributor Bob Beckel says Bush is lying to America again.

Delay Them...
or open up a bloody Pandora's box says foreign policy expert Michael O'Hanlon.

Rep. Ellen Tauscher:
Inadequate security derails women's success at the polls.

Rep. Kay Granger:
We learned more from these women than they learned from us.

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