Turn Your Back on Bush

The 2005 presidential inauguration is nothing more than a multimillion dollar photo-op for an administration that has shown callus disregard for democracy, human rights and integrity. This president has turned his back on working families, school children, immigrants, veterans, women, queer communities, communities of color and the poor across America. This president has turned his back on world opinion, and the U.S. Constitution. This president has turned his back on us. On Inauguration Day, we are turning our backs on Bush.

People from all walks of life from all across the country — veterans, teachers, healthcare professionals, students, workers, farmers, queer folks and military families — are coming together on January 20th in Washington D.C. to stand united in opposition to the agenda of the Bush administration. Even though we may be ordinary folks from ordinary places, we are going to do an extraordinary thing, many of us for the very first time. We will stand up and speak out for change.

We’ve chosen this day, the beginning of Bush’s second term in office, to demonstrate, in a simple and powerful act, our opposition to Bush’s policies. We publicly withdraw our support from this administration through an act of direct nonviolent action. We turn our backs on Bush, and we turn toward each other for a future of peace, justice, and dignity for all people.

Jet Heiko is the national organizer of "Turn Your Back on Bush."