Fast Facts: Bush Trivia

A president, a husband, a father and a sports fan are the basic facts most Americans could tell you about George W. Bush. How much more does the country know about its chief executive? Here's a quiz to find out:


1. What is Bush's nickname?

2. What kind of vehicle does Bush drive on his ranch in Crawford, Texas?

3. If you hooked up headphones to Bush's iPod, what music would you hear?

4. What trait does Bush hate?

5. What has Bush banned from the Oval Office?

6. What three states has Bush never visited during his time as president?

7. What state has Bush visited the most? Second most?

8. The president has hosted just four state dinners at the White House. What world leaders received this rare tribute?

9. What was Bush's favorite movie of 2004? Top flick in 2000?

10. If stranded on a desert island, what would be his must-haves?

11. Where did the first couple meet?

12. George and Laura Bush were the same age when they got married. How old were they?

13. Seated in the family quarters to watch a game on television, what sport does the president prefer?

14. What does the president consider one of his hidden talents?


1. Bush's nickname is Bushie, the same nickname he has given his wife.

2. On the 1,583-acre ranch, Bush drives a Ford F250 pickup truck.

3. Bush's iPod contains the songs of Irish-born, folk-rock singer Van Morrison, whose hits include "Moondance" and "Domino," and country singer Linda Gail Lewis, little sister of rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Morrison and Lewis recently united their musical talents on the album "You Win Again."

4. Bush hates for people to be late.

5. The president has banned jeans in the Oval Office, but he often wears cowboy boots with his suits when meeting with foreign leaders.

6. Idaho, Vermont and Rhode Island. Bush coasted to victory in Idaho, beating Sen. John Kerry, 69 percent to 30 percent. The Democrat easily won in Rhode Island, 60 percent to 39 percent, and Vermont, 59 percent to 39 percent.

7. Bush has visited Pennsylvania 44 times — trips made all before he lost the state on Nov. 2. The president has visited Florida 33 times, the state that decided the presidency in 2000.

8. Earning a state dinner have been the leaders of Mexico, Poland, the Philippines and Kenya, with the last dinner on Oct. 6, 2003. Bush's father held nearly 20 state dinners during his four years in office.

9. His favorite movie was "Friday Night Lights," a look at high school football in Texas. In 2000, Bush's top pick was "Saving Private Ryan," Steven Spielberg's World War II epic.

10. Desert island necessities: a Bible, running shoes, fishing rod and books.

11. They met at a backyard barbecue at the home of mutual friends in Midland, went on a date the next night and were married three months later.

12. They were both 31.

13. Baseball, says the former owner of the Texas Rangers.

14. Bush considers his knowledge of baseball trivia a hidden talent.